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Founded in 1991, Double Helix is a knowledge based innovative private laboratory offering services in genetics and immunology testing. Needless to say, the Watson and Crick paradigm of Double Helix is the basis of not only normal life but its alterations (mutations) are the foundation of genetic pathology and diseases. Our laboratory, based in Delhi, is doing pioneering work in immunomodulation among patients with reproductive failure. As a frontrunner, we recognize the need for this type of testing and treatment and how results influence the lives of our clients. This recognition is the first positive step in handling difficult situations. Our goal is to make genetics and immunological tests accessible and affordable to anyone who may benefit from these testing. We are able to provide our clients with the best value possible by adhering to the following operating principles viz.

a) providing the most accurate testing,
b) offering quickest turnaround time, and
c) offering exceptional customer services.

Our Vision
Our aim is to provide cutting edge diagnosis and treatment in autoimmune disorders, mainly Reproductive failure. We believe in the paradigm that Reproductive failure is an autoimmune disorder. According to us, a good diagnosis is one which has perfect clinical correlation and a good treatment protocol that benefits maximum number of patients.
Our  Mission
India is not only the second most populated country of the world but also has one of the highest number of couples who fail to reproduce. It is our mission to reduce the number of couples experiencing repeated abortions and those who are infertile by offering scientific diagnostic and well tested treatment protocols.
Our Values

The five pillars of our laboratory are:

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