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Immunology: Enhancing our Understanding
Immunology is the field of science that deals with the studying of various mechanisms by which an organism distinguishes between self and non-self; triggering its defense against the non-self to ward off any danger to the body and thus memorizing the event for the future.

Recognition of ‘self’ is the essence of the immune system which a body possesses. Any entity in the body, if not matches ‘self’ is tagged as ‘foreign’ which triggers the activation of the immune system resulting in the release of antibodies/ lymphocytes that aids in defense against various infections and diseases. Similarly, when the blastocyst gets implanted to the uterine wall, the body may recognize it as foreign. Any failure in the implantation indicates that the uterine wall is non-receptive. The uterine non-receptivity may be attributed to the abnormal levels of the cytokines, adhesion markers and other inflammatory molecules in response to the defense mechanism against the implanted embryo (blastocyst).
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