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What is Reproductive Immunology?
The field of Reproductive immunology deals with the immunological tolerance associated with the maternal-fetal interface. Reproductive immunology aids in understanding and thus explaining the issues of infertility, recurrent miscarriages and pregnancy complications.

It is a well established fact that reproductive failure is triggered by the autoimmunity of a woman. Thus, if autoimmunity comes into play; it may recognize the foetus as foreign i.e. the foetus poses as a tumour/ transplant for the lymphocytes. Therefore, we prescribe to our patients a battery of reproductive immunological tests that would thus etch out a descriptive picture of the reason/(s) as to why the reproductive success is not being attained. These tests provide an accurate diagnosis that has significant clinical correlation. Our Laboratory has helped thousands of couples over a span of three decades and has also been able to successfully address the causes of miscarriage.
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