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When to go for Immune Testing?
One is advised to opt for the immune testing when, she has:

(a) undergone two miscarriages or two IVF failures after the age of 35 years OR three
      miscarriages or three IVF failures before the age of 35 years,
(b) poor egg production (less than 6 eggs) from a stimulated cycle,
(c) blighted ovum,
(d) idiopathic (unknown cause) infertility,
(e) previous autoimmune problems (ANA positive, rheumatoid arthritis, and/or lupus),
(f) experienced previous pregnancies that have shown retarded fetal growth, and
(g) one living child and repeated miscarriages while seeking to have a second child.

For addressing the issue of recurrent miscarriage, it becomes a pre-requisite to identify the cause of the patient’s recurrent reproductive failures through an array of various reproductive immunological tests. In order to put the patient on the fertility treatment regime, his/ her prior extensive testing is performed followed by its corresponding diagnosis. The reproductive failure may be the result of either immunologic causes or non-immunologic causes. The assessment of immunologic causes can be described as a function of any of the following three conditions:
  • Presence of any autoimmune disease, endometriosis or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in the mother.
  • Rejection of the immune system due to the failure of the embryo to generate immune tolerance with non-existence of any inflammatory precondition.
  • The coupling of the above two conditions.

We offer treatment regime not solely to help our patients conceive but we also perform proper monitoring of the patient’s pregnancy. The tests may be conducted at various phases as described below:

a. For determination of the appropriate treatment regime
b. After the treatment but before planning for pregnancy
c. In case of miscarriage or IVF failure
d. For assessing the progress of the conceptus as well as the pregnancy

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